libtdms - Changelog

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2017/01/16 - libtdms 0.3 released:

  • Added support for DAQmx data type.
  • Fixed missing headers preventing compilation on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed possible crashes on Windows due to invalid time stamps.
  • Added makefiles for Windows systems (to be used with MinGW compiler).
  • Added qmake .pro files for users that feel more comfortable with this build system.

2017/01/06 - libtdms 0.2 released:

  • Fixed parsing of files containing segments with raw data index 0.
  • Fixed import of strings from raw data.
  • Added support for floating-point data types with unit.
  • Added support for complex data types (tdsTypeComplexSingleFloat and tdsTypeComplexDoubleFloat).
  • Improved output of tdmsreader application and added two command line options for help (-h) and verbose output (-v).

2015/09/21 - Release 0.1: Initial release.