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2017/06/06 - libqemf version 0.6 released:

  • Fixed rendering of the cap and join style for pens.
  • Fixed rendering of pens with incorrect input width (larger than INT_MAX).
  • Improved EmfViewer demo application: added support for zooming in/out using Ctrl-key + mouse wheel.

2016/09/06 - libqemf version 0.5 improves EmfViewer demo application:

  • Added drag and drop support.
  • Added support for converting metafiles to EPS, PDF and SVG vector formats and to QPictures (*.pic).
  • Added a context menu.

2016/06/02 - libqemf version 0.4 released:

  • Highly improved viewer demo application.
  • Fixed rendering of pen width.

2016/05/22 - libqemf version 0.3 released:

  • Added support for EMR_ALPHABLEND records (transparency).

2015/11/17 - libqemf version 0.2 released:

  • On Windows systems the viewer test application also opens WMF files.
  • Fixed bug in text rendering.
  • Improved support for Unicode texts.
  • Fixed drawing of images having a transparency mask.
  • Fixed building process on Windows.

2014/09/18 - Release 0.1: Initial release.