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EpsEngine 0.5 (Commercial Version)


Please contact us if you need a commercial version of EpsEngine or request an invoice >>

EpsEngine 0.1 (GNU GPL v. 3.0) - no technical support provided

pic2eps - a QPicture to .eps converter

pic2eps can be used in order to test EpsEngine. It converts QPicture files (.pic) that record and replay QPainter commands to PostScript format.
QPicture files can be created as shown in the code example bellow. For more details about QPicture files please read the QPicture class documentation >>
        QPicture picture;
        QPainter painter;
        painter.begin(&picture);           // paint in picture
        painter.drawEllipse(10,20, 80,70); // draw an ellipse
        painter.end();                     // painting done
        picture.save("drawing.pic");       // save picture
Please read the user guide for more details about pic2eps >>