EmfEngine - Pricing


By subscribing to a commercial licence for EmfEngine you receive the right to download all releases available during one year, together with technical support. When your contract period ends, if you wish to have access to the updated versions, you will need to renew your licence. A 20% discount is granted for a licence renewal.

Licence Price Number of developers
Company 1490 euros unlimited
Group 120 euros/developer 10 - 14
Medium group 150 euros/developer 5 - 9
Small group 200 euros/developer 2 - 4
Single 250 euros 1
Payments accepted in either euros or US Dollars.

Technical support:

The EmfEngine commercial licence includes a one year period of maintenance which means that:
  • all the bugs you report are analysed and fixed within 48 hours and a new source archive is made available for you
  • your feature requests have higher priority