EmfEngine - Licensing

EmfEngine Commercial License:

The EmfEngine Commercial License is the correct license to use for the development of proprietary and/or commercial software with EmfEngine where you do not want to share any source code. You must purchase a EmfEngine Commercial License from IONDEV Srl before you start developing commercial software. Request an invoice >>

License cost
License fee charged
Must provide source code changes to EmfEngine
No, modifications can be closed
Can create proprietary applications
Yes - No source code must be disclosed
Updates provided
Yes, to those with valid maintenance
Support Yes, with valid maintenance agreement
Charge for Runtimes

Royalties and Runtimes:

For regular desktop applications, there are no royalties, runtime licenses, or other additional costs.

Purchase and Transfer of Commercial Licenses:

All developers working on a project that uses EmfEngine need a valid EmfEngine Commercial License. The license is sold on a per-developer basis and assigned to an individual. Group or company-wide licenses are also available, please check the pricing options for more details. EmfEngine licenses may be transferred, but only every six months and within the same organization. To transfer a license, or to discuss a more flexible licensing agreement, please contact us.